Monday, 27 August 2012

Unfinished Business

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After doing a little work this morning, following lunch, I decided to take a seat in my bay window and grab a little stitching time. Picking up the Cath Kidston Garden Flowers Purse kit that came with the 'Stitch' book, I settled down with a mug of tea by my side and half an eye on the outside world (one of reasons I love my window seat). Before long though there was reoccurring thought that was really starting to spoil the setting. "Why did you start yet another project yesterday when you have plenty of others on the go already?" Hmmmm.

I tried to ignore it by stitching more intensely but it was still there and before long I was mentally cataloguing all of my unfinished projects. The more I remembered, the more unsettled I became and in the end that idyllic little relaxing scene was ruined, to be replaced by me, sat with pen and paper, documenting a list of said projects. By the time I got to number 16 (yes 16!!) I gave up with the list and started ranting to anyone that would listen, even myself at one point, about how ridiculously unfocused and uncommitted  I am! Unfortunately, if you follow this blog, you will get to see all the good things I do, and all my nice traits but you will need to accept the darker sides too! 

I decided there was only one thing for it. I decided that this Blog would be the starting point of my 'treatment'. Isn't the first step in recovery about acceptance of the issue and honesty? So, much to the intrigue of child #2 and #3, who were watching TV in peace at the time, I got the camera out and starting dragging boxes off of shelves, bags out of cupboards, and cross stitch out of baskets, sighing lots as I photographed each one whilst shaking my head. Eventually child #3 enquired as to what exactly I was doing. "Resolving an ongoing problem!!" I responded. Yikes! was the look he replied with. More calmly I explained that I was taking pictures of the things I had started but not finished so that I could add these to my blog. Child #2 was smirking at this point. She then proceeded to also start reminding me of things I hadn't finished including her blanket. This wasn't helping obviously! 

So anyway, I have calmed down a bit and decided upon how this will work best (whilst taking my anger out on a poor onion or two for the chilli con carne). I am going to show you each of my unfinished projects (with the exception of 1 that is just too well hibernated to photograph!) Oh the shame!! I am also going to promise to you, and myself, that I will not start another project without finishing 2 of the work in progress ones until I only have 3 or 4 on the go (I feel that is an acceptable number - I like a little variety but 16+ is pushing it somewhat!). For the record this little rant is limited only to the crafty type of stuff, this problem extends to DIY, my MA, and even my job and I figure that if I can crack the craft side of things maybe it will rub off on the others too! 

So here name is Felicity Williams and I am an 'incompleter!' (I don't think that's a real word but it will do!) These are my no particular order and in some cases I started them that long ago that it really is a rough estimate! I'm apologising in advance.

No. 1 - Cath Kidston Garden Flower Purse - Started Yesterday - and somewhat the straw that broke the camel's back.

Not a huge project and I could probably finish it in about 4 hours, I am going to forgive myself for this one though, I just couldn't resist it as everything in those books is beautiful!

No. 2 - Cut Thru Noahs Ark - Started approx. 2008 (at the latest!)

Still a fair few hours to go but definitely over half way. No real excuse for the time lapse  -  I think it just gets forgotten sometimes.

No. 3 - Christmas Cross Stitch Picture - Started November 2011

In all fairness this one I started a bit late for Christmas 2011 and I did try my best to finish it in time but it just didn't happen. Then on Christmas Day I received an Emily Peacock kit and that was the last I saw of this one. Its likely to be picked up again in November and this time completed!

No. 4 - Child #2's 'Afternoon Tea' Knitted Blanket - Started June 2011

Well there are 81 squares of which I have knitted 37 so far so still a way to go but it plods along nicely when I'm in the mood.

No. 5 - Crochet Ripple Blanket - Started July 2012

My first big Crochet project. Bit ropey at first but now its going well. I love crocheting and did wonder if it would overtake my knitting obsession but I miss knitting a bit now so I think they will only ever be equal at best. Its almost halfway there excluding the borders.

No. 6 - Cut Thru - Cottage - Started Summer 2011

Why I began this one before completing the Ark is a mystery - long long way off yet! I think I stopped because technically the chair is in the wrong place but only by one row - its hardly an excuse and very easily adapted!

No. 7 - Big Baggy Jumper - Started December 2010

No picture for this one because its stashed away in a bag, in a cupboard, beneath my boiler, and buried under tins (containing what, I have yet to remember). I started this one during the month that I was buying my house. I was exceptionally stressed and it wasn't the best time, in hindsight, to start something new because, of course, the second we exchanged contracts life was somewhat turned on it's head and I didn't pick up a knitting needle for nearly 5 months!

No. 8 - Green Top - Started June 2012

All I need to do is hem the arm holes - I could even use 'wonderweb' if it came to it and then it would be complete!

No. 9 - Emily Peacock - The Meeting Place Cushion - Started Christmas day 2011

I completely adore this yet despite finishing the tapestry in April it remains on my shelves until I turn it into a cushion!

No. 10 - Astrology Cross Stitch Kit - Started Approximately 2003 (!!!)

I think I might take this one with me to the grave at this rate! Not sure why I ever liked it but I can't leave it unfinished forever now.

No. 11 - Patchwork Quilt - Started 2009 ish

The most time consuming part is done, it just needs some borders and  wadding.  It could be beautiful.  To top it all I even have free access to the most expensive, professional quilting machine money (serious money) could buy thanks to the Art department at work. So why is it sat in plastic box in my bedroom?

No. 12 - Painted pebbles - Started July 2012

These will be fabulous when finished and I will prove it. Just need to actually finish them (with the kids too  - this one is a bit of a family thing).

No. 13 - Emily Peacock - In Bloom cushion - started 7th June 2012

My birthday present - and I did start it on my birthday - just not touched it since!  Why?  No idea! I love it.
No. 14 - Crochet Bolster Cushion Cover - August/July 2012

Another recent beginning that's now just hanging around!

No. 15 - Lucy's Flower Decoration - started last wednesday

I last worked on this the day before yesterday. Let's see how long it remains in this state then!

No. 16 - Leaves Tapestry - May 2012

Not only did I start this one, but I even designed it myself! I love it but I just need to make time to actually do it!

No. 17 - Noro wool jumper - Cast on around May 2011

The problem here is that I bought the wool without a pattern and kind of winged it. I love the wool but not the design so really it needs frogging rather than completing but at present it just hangs around in this state!

No. 18 - Disney Kits - Stated: Sometime when Child #1 and Child #2 were of a Disney age!

I don't even like them really, I did have plans for pictures in the girl's rooms when I bought them but at 14 and 12  I doubt they will appreciate them as much now!

No. 19 - More Disney kits (same as above)

Same as above!

No. 20 - Robots - Started August 2011

These were designs from a cross stitch magazine. There are six and they are fab!  They take a weekend to do so no excuses really.

No. 21 - Random Kit - Started probably around November 2011

A free magazine kit - why did I start this??

So that's it (probably - although if I find any more I will confess!). 21 projects on the go...21!!! Its ridiculous. It's not that I get bored with them, it's more that I want to make everything I see and can't wait to start it. But 21! There really are no excuses for that. Of course that doesn't include everything that is queued but not started like these...

Or all the things people have requested, like the bag for my best friend, and the scarves for her children. Or all the wool that I have stashed all over the house for projects to come. It doesn't touch the sides of the Ravelry queue that grows every time I have half an hour to kill and a laptop within reach! more! If I even mention that I have started something new without justifying and evidencing 2 completed projects please point this out to me!

Thank you. I'm off to console myself with a glass of wine!

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