Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chester Shopping

2 posts in 2 days...I think I shall soon class myself as a real 'Blogger'!

Yesterday, as planned, we went to Chester on a school shopping mission. It was very successful and the nest are all content again - they do start to panic about these things, bless them. Luckily child #1 and child #2 go off on their own to locate items and I just pay for them so it doesn't drag on all day (I'm not a huge shopping fan and after a couple of hours I want to go home!). 

I've not been to Chester for a general wander around for a couple of months so imagine my delight when I stopped to decide which way to go next and realised I was right in front of a Cath Kidston shop!! Oh my! When did this arrive?! (June apprarently.) I think at this point all 5 kids (I gained a couple of extras yesterday) rolled their eyes, and my own children apologised to their friends. So I dragged them all in and they watched me act like a child in a sweet shop. Despite first impressions they did all find things they liked too, even the youngest spotted some rather fancy PJs, amongst other things.

I could of bought so much but after much deliberation I settled for 2 books:

So you should now expect some rather pretty creations. I'm so excited - I want to make nearly everything in them! 

Child #3 and I went off to look at toys (Hawkins Bazaar can keep us entertained for hours). We then went to another favourite shop of mine - Pylones, formerly called the Octopus Shop and still is by us ( where I resisted temptation to buy anything, and then we went to buy a new lunch box for school. Child #3 is a Moshi Monster fan and so the choice was obvious...

We had a while to go before we were due to meet the rest of the family so we went of for a walk and took some pictures. The little blue thing he has in his hand is his camera, the best Vtech toy I ever bought, he takes some great pictures and makes some rather interesting videos using it, that allow you to understand how the world looks to a seven year old. I will show you those another day.

These are not the best bits of Chester, just places we passed, no doubt we will do the Chester Walls walk sometime and I will photograph that for you. 

After a busy day I had a lovely evening with my children (well 2 of them) watching TV, drinking a glass of wine and reading those beautiful Cath Kidston books.  Oh the possibilities that lie ahead!

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