Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Another week nearly over then, and I have also reached the end of my two and half week break from work but its been fun. I did have a list of things that I intended on doing whilst I was off and I have to admit that I've done absolutely none of it! I haven't painted the bathroom door (on my to do list since last November), I still have a shelf that is wonky (and has been since Easter) and my door knocker is still sat on the bookcase (since I placed it there in June)! I think its safe to assume that my motivation for doing jobs on my beloved house appears to have also taken a break. In fact the only thing that motivated me to do anything this year was the Olympic Torch passing our house and the thought of everyone being stood around staring at my very tired looking front door and garden. So it got a lick of paint and a polish! So that's what I haven't done anyway, and I'm really not bothered because instead of those things I have spent some decent time just being with my kids and having fun.

I did take on a little project though to brighten up my front room...that mirror. Now, a while ago on one of my TK Max shopping trips I came across some large mirrors that I fell in love with, until I noted the price which was in excess of £150. I loved them for their patchwork frames (I do like patchwork things a lot, and its a great way of re-using fabrics that I would otherwise throw out) so I hunted the internet for a cheaper version but failed. There weren't many, and those that I found were either ugly or far too expensive. I did however already have a mirror the right size so the cogs began turning! This was the sort of thing I was aiming at:

So I ransacked my fabric stash, did a bit of googling on amateur upholstering, purchased foam, staples (and you know all about this already!) and a little extra fabric, and gave it my best shot!

So this was the mirror was ok but nothing special in my opinion.

A little bit of revamping (watched over by child #3 - with a frown mostly)...

and here it is... one bright, cheerful, homely and slightly wacky mirror...

I love it, and so do all three offspring. They all agree (for once) that its very 'me'. Hmmm. I love it because it looks home made, and it contains fabrics which I love, that I've picked out over the years rather that specifically for this. I might add a few embellishments to it at some point too but I will leave it and use it as it is for now until I'm sure.

Well...back to work tomorrow to begin facing the busiest time of the year. I really like my job (I'll not bore you with the details today) but just not in August and September - it's a bit crazy and stressful and means my wine consumption usually increases too!  

See you soon. 

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