Saturday, 18 August 2012

It's oh so quiet...

Its very very quiet here. That because the nest are away at their dad's. Normally its just for the weekend but once a year they stay with him for two weeks (although I get to see them during that time as we sort of switch roles). I miss them, obviously, but I deliberately try to persuade my ex partner that he should have them at the end of August when I am at my busiest at work, and thankfully he usually goes along with this. So its now Saturday evening, when surely I should be out partying and celebrating my freedom, but instead I am about to face the reality of my 214 outstanding emails, and equally out of control to-do-list. Sigh.

There are a few positives to an empty house and I do try to focus on these when the kids are away. Firstly, I get to eat things like this for tea...

None of my children are big fish lovers, they eat veg but only because I insist on it, and sometimes I just eat things they like because they put up with me being a pescetarian (vegetarian that eats fish, if you aren't in the know) and don't make too much fuss over it. Sea Bass is one of my favourites though, I fry it in butter (yes BUTTER!!) with some salt and pepper, steam some veg, add some extra butter on the veg (I know, I know!), some fresh lemon and its one of the most delicious meals ever. It also takes less time than your average microwaved ready meal so no excuses please! 

Another thing I love about the kids not being here is the fact that I can clean and tidy my house and it remains in that state for more than an hour. With this in mind I have spent this morning doing just that. To be honest I got a little carried away - its a bit too tidy now, and I even weeded the front garden! 

Finally, the only other thing I like about an empty nest is that I get to sit in silence or, if I choose to, I can watch what I want to on TV. I almost need to dig the user guide out for the remote when they leave as I get to use it so little usually!

If you read my last post then you'll know all about my job. The first bit is now out of the way...we survived A-Level result day. This was particularly stressful for me as I introduced an new on-line system in conjunction with this and consequently didn't sleep too well the night before (along with many of our students, I'm guessing, so I shouldn't complain really) but I am pleased to report that all went well...very well indeed in fact. I now have confidence that the said system will work fine next week when its more important for those confirming course places following their GCSE results (but we shall see!). 

Well I better see to those emails I guess. I think a nice big glass of wine may help too. Oh...and don't forget that X-Factor starts tonight (I know you love it really), it's very much a family thing in our house and, if nothing else, it brings us all together on a Saturday evening so long may it continue!

Back soon...keep reading...things may get more exciting soon.

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