Saturday, 25 August 2012

...and breathe.

This post will mainly be about work because in the past week I haven't really done much else, but I did warn you about this. I haven't seen much of my children either as they have been away at their father's but they are now back for the weekend...happy times!

The beginning of the week wasn't so bad and I even managed to sneak off early on Wednesday for a bit of crochet time and made a start on Lucy's Flower Decoration (Attic24 - Lucy's Flower Decorationjust to use up a bit of 'The Stash' (that deserves it's own blog post one day really), and I also managed a few rows of the ripple blanket which is nearly half done now and looking very colourful. So far I have only managed the flower head but hopefully I may reach the stem this weekend, in between processing those pesky student enrolments as they trickle in! 

So all was good until Thursday arrived aka "GCSE Result Day 2012". Due to my 'great plan' to introduce an electronic confirmation of enrolment system this year I predicted that the day would be described only as chaos. I was correct. The day started ok but by 11am I wanted to run and hide. I persevered with confused and disgruntled students, staff and parents, whilst holding the phone to my ear and talking to my software developers, who at times, sounded equally as confused and disgruntled. The day did begin to improve, and although it didn't seem so at the time, it did work out ok, and my 'great plan' might actually turn out to be one.

In amongst the chaos of Thursday, at around noon, I remembered that I was a parent, and that it was a special day for Child #1 too. She was in year 9 last year and the 'gifted and talented' kids get to do some GCSEs early. Child #1 is very good at English and therefore sat her Media GCSE last year. I tentatively reached for my phone (not that I was expecting a bad result as she had put the effort in, and I knew her coursework grade) but never know with these exam boards sometimes...and I should know! So imagine the delight when I read the text "Mum I got an A!!!!!xoxoxoox"! I love her so much! School hasn't been the smoothest run so far for her but she can clearly put all that aside and get it right when it matters. It also seems to have motivated her for next year too now which is great. Let's hit the road running!

So on the day continued and ended inevitably with a big glass of wine...and then another etc etc. I have to admit that the healthy eating really has gone to pot this week. Each day has started well...blueberries for breakfast, healthy lunch etc and then...rapidly fell into take-away food, chocolate, wine and anything else comforting but bad. I will address this issue next week!

So today is all about school shopping for the nest. They each have a list and I have a debit card and transport. If I get a chance I will take some pictures of Chester for you (I do love Chester, and don't visit nearly as often as I would like despite it being only 10 miles away). I may also need to locate the wool suppliers or maybe Waterstones for a crochet or knitting fix to de-stress!

Bye for now.

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