Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hi ho, Hi ho....

The last four days of my life have featured little else but work in them, owing to the fact that it was main enrolment on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by another 2 days of constantly challenging deadlines.  Tuesday and Wednesday felt like days that would never end. They both started around 7:45am (at work) and ended approximately 12 hours later, allowing time to then travel home, heat some food up (I can't really call it cooking) and eat it whilst logging on to do another couple of hours work. 

On Friday I decided at 6am that I was going to go back to sleep until 7am and get to work at a sensible time of half past 8. By 6:15am I had given up trying to go back to sleep, and clocked up a mental to do list of around 6 or 7 items. I got up and went to work, arriving at abnormal time again of 7:45am! Well the thought was there anyway.  I am, however, pleased to report that, for the first time in four years, we are AHEAD of schedule. Of course, I am now paranoid that something will go wrong to spoil this!

Needless to say that my wine consumption is significantly increased this week. I think I mentioned in a recent post that I would address healthy eating this week? Well clearly that didn't happen! I also felt a little guilty when, whilst sat with my team and 'mucking in' (at this time of the year I very much lead from the front), they began chatting about how much they were drinking this week too to the point that their families had commented on this at some cases. I think I am suppose to keep an eye on the 'well-being' of my teams and I don't think this conversation was a good sign really! Hmmm.

There were a couple of non work highlights to my week though and the first was the arrival of 3 new books that I had ummed and arred about buying for the past few weeks but finally hit the pay button on Sunday for...

I have similar versions of these for knitting and they come in so handy. I figured that if I was going to take this crochet lark seriously then I should equip myself with the basics at least. I like all three and I love that fact that crochet just lends itself to creating colourful stuff so quickly. Of course I ordered these before the big rant on Monday about unfinished projects so it has taken some willpower not to start anything new, using these, to say the least. I am just glad that work is so busy to be honest!

In between the chaos of work this week I have managed to steal some time back to work on an EXISTING project or two. I managed one row of the ripple blanket and then realised I was too tired and went to bed! I also finished the little flowers on the Cath Kidston Garden Flowers Purse Kit. So, just to confirm, I have not started any NEW projects yet...I feel my 'treatment', as it is now known, is working so far.

The other highlight was yesterday evening. I have a few very close friends in my life but we are all such busy people that it can be months before we actually see each other. Last night I finally got to meet up with one of those friends and it was so lovely to see her (of course I had no choice but to drink a few vino's again too...I was just being sociable...honest!). I often vow to try and catch up with friends more frequently but inevitably this fails and I think I have to just accept that life is busy, and just appreciate the times when everything falls into place rather than beating myself up about not doing it often enough.

Well that's about it before I get back to work stuff for a couple of hours. Prepare yourselves for a FINISHED project soon!

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