Saturday, 15 September 2012

To Do Lists

Another week finished then and I still have things being added to my to do list faster than I have time to do them but then again it is September I suppose. I'm still working days and evenings too whilst trying to listen and respond to the nest's demands, and maintain some kind of organisation at Vivod. I have a constant to-do-list in every part of my life!

The week didn't start too well following the antics of last weekend. On Sunday evening I walked into my living room and actually wondered if a burglar would leave the place tidier than it currently was. It vaguely resembled the day we moved in...stuff everywhere...suitcase, bags, clothes etc. (with the odd union jack flag lying around, this didn't feature on move in day!). So what were the nest doing? Completely ignoring it all and just carrying on with TV watching, internet browsing, eating, playing, etc., around it all...KIDS! For all their positives the one thing that all of my children at totally rubbish at is tidying up...I'm sure that they do believe in the cleaning fairy too. Oh the shock they will all have when they all move out!

I did manage to restore some kind or order by monday evening at Vivod. Not so much at work though but its getting there I guess. I think I do have a tendency to take on more than I can actually achieve and forget that there are only so many hours in a day. I'm also easily distracted and flit from one thing to another if that thing shouts loudly enough. Even now, while writing this, the Wii is flashing blue lights at me...'update me, update me, update me...' and I am tempted to go and do it right now. That's the problem...everything  demands so much attention all the time yet I just want to chill out for a while! So the Wii can wait...patiently!!

I do sound a little negative today - sorry. 

I did do some nice things this week too though. I went out for some food on Tuesday evening with a friend. I also managed to find a little time to progress my Emily Peacock 'In Bloom' kit, motivated by my completion of the Meeting Place cushion (Blog Post). I am being very focused with existing projects still, and refraining from starting anything new. This will, inevitably, be spoilt next month when I visit the Knitting and Stitching Show - I'm not making any promises!

By Thursday I decided I needed a little more order in my life at work and went on the hunt for new task management apps...with little success...none of them did what I wanted them to. So really I spent the best part of an evening hunting for apps to make myself more productive when really I could have spent that time being productive instead! Now we are getting close to the real issue. Avoidance. This is what I do when I have things I should do but don't really want to. I think the MA dissertation nicely fits into this category too. I 'plan'. Then when I have 'planned' and I still don't want to do it I 're-plan' and this goes on...and on.  Hmmm...this blog is making me admit to my personal weaknesses far too much lately!

So, here I am, on a Saturday morning, on a kid free weekend, writing a to-do-list! I am so tempted to just write 'Nothing' on it too!

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