Friday, 21 September 2012

Drumstick Lollies Required

I am still here...I have been very busy at work in view of the final funding submission deadline which, thankfully, has passed. Its now time to catch up with everything else that has been put aside because of this.  This week has been very dull I'm afraid but I'm hoping that some sense of normality will now return. I may also be able to refrain from stealing drumstick lollies from the Principal's office in order to reduce stress levels! (In the end he gave me all those in the picture to keep me quiet I think.)

So aside from work what have I been up to?...

Well I upset the nest earlier this week by asking them to do a little tidying up for half an would think I had asked them to work an eight hour shift! I guess they were a little tired after their annual sponsored walk up Moel Famau though.

I've been thinking about my house quite a but this week too. I've not told you too much about Vivod yet but in a nutshell its 'in need of attention'. I bought it in January 2011 and did lots last year. As a consequence I decided to give myself a break this year and recoup some funds too. I realised yesterday that my year off is rapidly coming to an end and I should really start thinking about what I will do next. This is usually decided by a process of elimination revolving around funds, ability, and, most importantly, what annoys me the most on a day to day basis. I will keep you posted as to my decisions.

I am really looking forward to this weekend to be honest. Its the first weekend that, although I have plans, its nothing major and I should still get plenty of time to just relax a bit. Whilst I can still say that I love my job I am also really pleased that the crazy time of year is now drawing to a close.

I feel a bit like a teenager at the moment too...its the first time in years that I am extremely excited about a forthcoming album release on Monday. Mumford and Sons second album, 'Babel', has been long awaited at Vivod. We are big Mumford fans and their last album was released in 2009!! Anyway, based on early release clips its looking promising! I really can't wait. Child No. 1 and I love music, far more than TV so we spend serious amounts of time sharing our finds. She has good taste in music, all types really too. I don't like everything she does but we do share a big percentage of it.

Just to maintain some sanity at times when I have really felt like I was losing it I've found half an hour here and there to do a little stitching...

Well that's about it really, lets hope things get more fun soon eh?! To top it all I think I have also been given a gift from child no.1 and no.3...their cold! I'm going to go find some lemsips I think.  See you soon.

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