Saturday, 29 September 2012

Welcome Back Serenity

Hello! Oh we are all so excited here at Vivod, and I am officially the best mum in the world according to my daughters. Why? Well, as I mentioned in my last post, Mumford and Son's new album, Babel, was released on Monday (it is amazingly good) following this they announced a quick tour this autumn. Tickets went on sale yesterday morning at 9am and guess who bought three for Manchester Arena? Moi!!! I was so proud of myself! The girls are incredibly happy, particularly child #1 who I think loves Mumford as much as I do. It is hard not to sit here feeling a little smug when reading other fans comments about the tickets being sold out. We can't wait!!

Things are slowly getting back to normal at Vivod too. The deadly cold seems to have  almost passed now too thankfully. I actually found time to do a weekly shop this week and I took lunch to work nearly every day. Also, instead of spending the evenings working, I've spent lots of time on my Emily Peacock kit...

I am trying to finish this by Christmas as there are another 2 kits that will be featuring on my crimbo list. The Hug and Kiss kits... 

So this weekend, with an empty nest, I have promised myself that I will finish getting things at Vivod back on track...lots of cleaning, washing, food shopping etc etc...oh and ironing...look!! :-( (This blog is 'warts n all'!)

Not very exciting but it will make for a much more organised and stress free week with any luck. It also means I won't go out spending money. This is for a good reason. In 2 weeks time I am going to the Knitting and Stitching Show in London and therefore I am doing my best to keep some money aside for that. This is also the reason that, despite completing 2 projects, I have not started anything new as I suspect I may be tempted to after the show! 

Aside from all the cleaning I have a couple of nicer things on the to do list. I might get a chance to do a little more on the ripple blanket (nearly halfway there now). I'm also in the mood for a bit of baking, so once Asda have delivered my shopping tomorrow I'll see what I can find to make. If I'm really feeling motivated I may have a quick sort out of my stash too. There seems to be quite a few bags of wool all over the house that need a home - not convinced that they will actually fit in the stash cupboard though, even with a sort out! 

In the shorter term, once I have cleaned the bathroom...sigh, I am going to settle down with the Telegraph. Its not my normal read however Cath Kidston has produced a little booklet which I just couldn't resist obtaining a copy of. I do need to thank a very lovely friend of mine for this who informed me that he had to search various local shops and supermarkets across the area in order to find a copy. Isn't he great? He was clearly far less impressed with the booklet than I was too and questioned whether it was worth it?...of course it was worth it!! I now feel that, given the efforts, I should at least read the rest of the newspaper too...looking at the size of it that could take some time! 

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