Friday, 18 January 2013


Yesterday I attended a 'Snow Meeting' at work. Weather forecasts have been predicting snow all week. I fell asleep looking at a very orange sky so expected to wake up to find lots. 6am...none. 7am a light snowfall. Having checked the college website, and the council website, everything was open as normal. So I woke up the kids and went to get more tea. Then Child #1 claimed 'School is closed'. Really?? I rechecked the same websites at 7:30am and she was right! Everything was closed (well nearly). from home? or play in the snow?  

Work from home. :-)

Nah!!!! PLAY IN THE SNOW!!!!!


We stayed for about an hour until us girls were just too cold! 

I am now snuggled up under a big blanket, nice and warm...definitely the way to work when its cold!

See you soon.

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