Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ludo Tapestry Kit by Felicity Stitches

Well its another later than promised post but none the less I am finally going to tell you all about the first tapestry kit being put on sale by Felicity Stitches. As I said, getting this far took far longer, and required so many new skills and so many things to be done before this could happen. Whether Felicity Stitches is a success or not I still have a feeling of huge achievement and I have already learnt so much. Of course it will be a success eventually because I won't give up trying until it is but it may take a while and that's fine.

I currently have 3 completed samples for the business but it's this one that is going on sale first, because it's my favourite, and it does carry some sentimental value too.

I take no credit for the pictures, which are brilliant. They are the work of a rather lovely, and extremely supportive friend, whom I appreciate greatly.

So why Ludo? Well it striking, colourful, playful and a classic design. It's also similar to a game I spent hours playing, with very much loved grandparents as a child. They, my Granddad in particular, would never tire. I was their only grandchild and consequently adored.
Due to copyright laws I couldn't base this design on the exact game we played, called 'Sorry', but Ludo is copyright free and pretty much the same. 

I've not talked much about my past but I didn't go straight to college and university, after school. It took me a while to choose a career path and then complete my education, which began after child #2 was born. My Granddad was in his late 70s then and I was the first in our family to go to university. It was a lot for him to understand and to him I was in endless education with no specific outcome. It was different for him, he spent most of his working life, after the RAF,  in the family business. He was very successful and I have the greatest respect for him. Understanding the paths I was taking was more difficult for him and he one day, while I was doing my degree full time, asked 'So when are you going to get a job then??' Bless.

Unfortunately he passed away just after I finished my degree. Child #3 was 10 days old, and therefore I was on maternity leave at the time. He, therefore, never knew that I did eventually get a job, and then went on to get an even better job 3 years later. Anyway, Granddad, this one's for you, Felicity Stitches may be a sideline but it still counts! 

It's now available on Etsy (link below) and, once I have completed another 2 kits with all associated contents, I will launch the website.

Felicity Stitches - Ludo Tapestry Kit

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