Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back to Reality

Missed me? Yes...well...damn work! January 7th was a little painful. I worked from home - spent the first 20 minutes trying to remember my password for the network, and then the next 15 trying to remember what I do at work, and then I opened my emails - 289 in my inbox! That's 289 bits of disorganisation in my view. By the end of the day I was down to about 130. The 8th January was tough too....I had to actually go to work. I then spent the evenings of the 8th, 9th and 10th working too. Welcome back to reality. Anyway things are now a bit more under control so I have the time to blog again.

Everything else is returning to normal aka I spend various evenings picking up and delivering members of the nest here, there and everywhere. 

Child #2 was 13 yesterday so, despite being stroppy for the last 3 years (at least), she can now officially be stroppy. She had a good day - went off to Chester to spend birthday money, then went to Pizza Hut with 9 of her friends to celebrate. She had organised the Pizza Hut thing herself but I had to slightly interfere and deliver 3 balloons (one in the shape of Nemo) and a cake (Fireman Sam) in advance of her going as a surprise. I deliberately picked childish items just to remind her that she isn't that grown up yet! She loved them all anyway - and Child #3 has since negotiated temporary custody of Nemo (hence no pictures at present).  Some birthday pictures...

My birthday girl!

Note the 'Re-lighting' candles. Unfortunately I didn't note this when I bought them and apparently caused a little chaos in Pizza Hut due to excessive smoke! 

So what else? Well all of this arrived this week!...

Oh the possibilities! I have also gained a pack of pretty decent colouring pencils. They sent the wrong item (clearly not Fimo) and when I pointed this out I was told to keep the colouring pencils and they would send out the correct items again. Can't really complain at that.

I love a bargain, but FREE is even better!

I finished some little heart bunting (no pictures to hand sorry) for Child #2's room too - this was another little attempt at using up the wool basket stock. It's not going well...I seem to have more in there now than I did before I started using it up!

I have also fallen off the wagon a little when it comes to new projects I think - well maybe anyway - I have slightly lost track, but anyway my February knitting magazine arrived and I just couldn't resist the Nordic bed socks so I started those yesterday...

I'm a little addicted to them anyway, so they shouldn't take long! I stopped at 12:30 am last night and I've already done another row this morning.

So before I return to the knitting, here are some other pictures from the week. I took some out of my attic window early one morning, the rest are just a little bit random.

I did have plans to take the camera a little further but its since turned a bit cold...and you'll know from my earlier post that below a certain temperature I have no desire to leave the house!! 

I might blog again later and tell you about my plans for the hallway - I have fitted in a lot of research over the week - (mostly while eating soup or waiting for government websites to upload data) I have a vision, and a little motivation, I just need to get January over so that I have some funds too!

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