Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

I follow lots of other blogs and it seems that when you have a blog its customary to produce a review of previous 12 months. Well I'm not going to do that...partly because this blog has only been around since July and partly because I don't really see the point entirely. Maybe I will next year.

Anyway, I'm here to wish you all a happy new year. I hope you had a lovely night, whatever you did, we all went to a party at a friend's house (who is also my childminder). It was a lovely evening and, thankfully, I didn't overdo the wine consumption either!

Today I was up relatively early, mostly because here in North Wales it was a beautiful morning as the sun was shining and sky was really blue. I always try to get all the Christmas decorations down on New Years Day as its Child #1's birthday on the 2nd January. I like her to have a birthday that's entirely separate from Christmas and it irritates me if people try to combine Christmas presents into birthday presents too. It's her day - nothing to do with Christmas! So after a little wrestling with a very dry and springy 6ft fir tree (woman V tree....round 1 - Tree!, round 2 Woman!), I spent much of the morning cleaning and hoovering up needles. Vivod is now looking very bare, but clean. 

Oh, I have a couple of things that need evidencing on the blog. #1 the completed Noro wool jumper...

If you cast your mind back to the Unfinished Business Post, this was #17 that I started in 2011. In the end I undid it and found a new pattern to knit with the same wool. As it turns out, this is now the best jumper I have ever knitted myself. I love it completely!

#2 - on the 30th I cooked the Country Casserole recipe, this is one of my favourites, and the little dumplings are great too. I had the leftovers, with fresh dumplings, for dinner today - even more delicious now that its a couple of days old!

These looked so bright and green and delicious that I couldn't resist taking a pic!

It looks really stodgy but in fact it's incredibly low in calories, even with the dumplings, as its basically just lots of root veg (excluding potatoes) boiled up in stock and passata. It tastes delicious though.

I'm also doing lots of research at the moment. I quite fancy growing lots of things in 2013. I have outdoor space that I don't really make the most of, in addition I need quite a few herbs for the cooking project too and you can't beat the home-grown kind. As a consequence I am now stockpiling various containers (tin cans, empty milk cartons, and anything else that might be useful) and reading lots. I'll keep you posted!

New years resolutions? I don't really have any of the traditional kind (well except the usual 'must lose half a stone') but I do have a number of things I'd like to achieve this year, these are:

  • Decorate the hall, stairs and landing (sounds straight forward but in actual fact I think it will be a nightmare - its a huge odd shaped space containing 2 staircases)
  • Complete the Tea time blanket for child #2
  • Launch Felicity Stitches
  • Finally pay off my Student loan (I shouldn't complain too much - mine was only 13K!)
  • Complete the Emily Peacock Hug and Kiss kits
  • Seriously improve my cooking skills via the Vivod & Sarah Brown Project
  • Do something with my outside spaces
I should also be listing the MA completion there but whilst I am an optimist, I like to keep it real as much as possible!

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