Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Christmas Tree

I haven't blogged for a week and now I have lots to tell you about. Today I'm going to show you just how Christmassy our house is now looking though.

I LOVE getting the Christmas tree almost as much as I love Christmas itself. Its just brilliant (even with a slight red wine headache!). We always have a real tree, it just wouldn't be the same without a real one. I get ours from the Hawarden Farm Shop. Its not the cheapest place but the trees are beautiful and its only once a year so I try not to think about the cost too much! It always takes a while to pick the right tree - I usually find one straight away but then I have to go and look at lots of others just to make sure they aren't better - really I should just go with my instincts at the start. I don't usually take any of the nest with me because the tree has to travel home in the car and there is only just about enough space left for me in there, let alone anyone else. We'd never agree on the same tree if we went as a family either!

This was the tree smelt gorgeous in there!

While the guys in there netted the tree and trimmed the trunk etc I got time to browse the Farm Shop. It a good thing that we only go a couple of times a year because it is expensive but it is packed full of the most delicious, and luxurious products, all so well presented...look...

They sell things like chutneys, spices, wines made from various fruits, handmade biscuits, fresh bread, specialist teas and coffees...and cakes, which I couldn't resist!

The drive home wasn't bad considering the 7ft tree in the car was making some aspects tricky (like parallel parking - way more difficult when you can't see anything to the left apart from pine needles).  Getting the tree in the stand was easy...the thing that took so long today was sorting the lights. This was difficult for three reasons...

1. There were 2 sets of lights tangled together to begin with
2. The tree was huge and I'm only 5ft 2" 
3. I was hungover

I got there in the end, no injuries this year either - not even a broken nail! (I usually end up with some kind of tree related injury each year so quite pleased with myself today.)

So this was the finished was all worth it!

I even managed a few extra lights around the rest of the room too. I love this room at Christmas - possibly because its painted red and green at the moment and therefore looks a bit festive all year anyway. So now I just need to befriend the cat again - the bay window seat is his place - he's nosy and likes to sit there, on the cushion, so that he can see out of the window. He's not impressed with the tree at all!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you more about my week. See you then.

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