Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mumford and Sons - Manchester Arena

Ok, so 'be back tomorrow' actually translates into 'see you in a few days' when I'm busy. I will come back soon and tell you about the other things we have been up to but I have been too busy to blog over the last couple of days. The busier I am, the more I have to blog, but the less time I have to do it...its a real catch 22!

Anyway, one of the reasons I haven't had time was because of that little event called the MUMFORD AND SONS CONCERT!!!!!

If there is one thing that successfully brings my girls and I together, without fail, its live music. I think we would all pick live music over anything else every time. Yesterday, however, was a little bit more exciting than just any live music. This was about us all experiencing something that we absolutely love everything about.  Words cannot describe how much fun it was, and how great it was to share that with my daughters. 

If you haven't heard of Mumford and Sons they are generally classed as a folk rock band. I can honestly say that I enjoy every single one of their songs. I have my favourites but I never feel the need to skip any, they are all brilliant. This is why yesterday was so special too.

It was child #2's first ever concert too and it was great to be there with her. We got there early so that we could watch the support acts too. These were Post War Years (I quite liked them) and Dawes (an American band - some songs were ok, others were better), and also a comedian/magician called 'Piff the Magic Dragon'. Piff was pretty good to be fair - his humour was similar to Jack Dee's but the fact that he was dressed as a little green dragon, and his funny (but limited) magic was also pretty good, made it even better.

So this was the 'Manchester Arena' (formally called the M.E.N. Arena - this was news to me yesterday - I didn't realise they had renamed it - and spent some of yesterday trying to figure out if the 'Manchester Arena' was somewhere different!) when we got to our seats just before 7pm...

Post War Years were on quite early, after 20 minutes of the dragon. Then Dawes were on at about 8, followed by another Piff session (funnier). Then finally, at 9pm...when the Arena looked more like this...

It was Mumford time! They were fantastic, we laughed, clapped, danced and screamed it was all good. I didn't take many pictures - I didn't really see much point - you can't hear a picture! They did the usual first 90 minutes but the encore was a little different and so lovely. They exited the stage in darkness, made their way past the standing area and onto the little stage at the back of the sound and light engineers.

From the stage...(just about visible here)

To here....so close!

It was here that they proved just how good they are without all the supporting bands and fancy lights etc etc. They sang 2 songs, stood around a single microphone, with a couple of guitars/banjos to support them. They played and sang relatively quietly, and then switched to a cappella for the second song.  Complete talent!

They then made their way back to the stage to perform three more songs, ending with (with their support act joining them) a fantastic version of 'With a little help from my Friends'. It was amazing and well worth the money. None of us wanted it to end, and we played their music all the way home (after managing to find the car - thank heavens for Google navigation!). We got home at 12:40am...and I had to get up at 5:45am to go and collect my youngest...today was a long day!  

Back soon...promise!

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