Saturday, 15 December 2012

Julie and Julia?

This is the second post today and must be a record for me?!

Its just a quick post to consult with you all! work...we have a 'Book man''. I love these little book companies because I love books, and they are sooooo cheap! Anyway, amongst other books I purchased this...

Its a brilliant book that cost me £5 (not as much of a bargain as the quilting book that cost me £3 though!)

Anyway...its been sat on the dining room table for over a week and today, on my cleaning and tidying mission, I finally took it into the kitchen to put it away. Now, I did have a quick look through it and thought about writing down some ingredients and going to Morrisons but I didn't. It was then that I stopped and looked at all the other cookery books I have and sighed!

Look at them all...


Hmmmm! I reckon I have made about 20-30 recipes from these in total. I have my favourites, and once I find them I stick to them! 

Well...I love a new project for a new year (this years was suppose to be a knitted tea cosy for each month. I got to May and then the 'Felicity Stitches' thing happened and so the tea cosies stopped!) so I was thinking today that maybe I should do a bit of Julie & Julia. Not with anything as adventurous as the French cookery book but with one of my many books sat here on my kitchen worktop. 

If you haven't heard of Julie & Julia its a story (true, I believe) about a woman, called Julie Powell, who works her way through the famous cookery book (524 recipes) by Julia Child called Mastering the Art of French Cookery. Julie Powell wrote memoirs about her experience, I would use the Vivod blog obviously.

I know I lead a busy life and this does hinder certain projects I undertake but I have to eat! This may also mean that I actually eat a little better, and in turn, so will the nest.  Being a peskatarian, I may need to adapt some recipes unless I go for a fish recipe book or a vegetarian one, but thats ok.

So what do you reckon? New year, new recipes? I feel quite excited already!

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