Monday, 19 November 2012

Sunshine and Leaves

Well I didn't make it to the skips yesterday but Child #3 and I did manage the park. He had his BMX, and I had the ripple crochet. It was freezing but so sunny that I made sure I wrapped up warm so that I could sit outside and crochet in the sun. I love knitting and crocheting outside, I don't know why, it just feels great...

This picture shows off the colours of this wool really well too. I do need to knit some fingerless gloves for outside work the time we went home I could barely feel my left thumb and fingers!

Yesterday was a fairy typical Sunday really, we all did our own thing and then met up for dinner. Dinner was pot luck really, after a very busy day on Saturday I really couldn't be bothered to shop properly. Asda Online allow you to add everything from a previous shop into the basket at once.  I did this, thought about it briefly for a few seconds, added tinned tomatoes and baked beans and hit the pay button. I figured we did't starve 3 weeks ago so it should be ok. It was a bit like receiving a hamper really...I didn't have a clue what was going to arrive but we seem to be ok for lemon juice and basmati rice now anyway!

After what turned out to be a really nice dinner (complete with key lime cheesecake and cream - nice surprise!), I finished the last bit of my leaf tapestry cushion and, today, I sewed it all together with the pom pom trim. These pictures aren't the best as I took them in artificial light but it does prove I have finished another of my projects....

I will take some better pictures soon when I am actually at home in daylight again...hmmm...that will be the weekend then!

Back soon.

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