Saturday, 17 November 2012

Let DIY recommence

My DIY time-out period ended today. It did last nearly 12 months and I think it was a very deserved break but lots of things around the house are now bugging me and so today I dusted down the tool box and remembered where B&Q was.

I decided I would start of with something simple. Child #1 decided she didn't want wardrobes but instead wanted a clothes rail. I wasn't keen on this idea but agreed to it at the time. I then suggested that instead of a rail we could put clothes rail into one of the alcoves in her room. She quite liked the idea, but this was some time ago. In the meantime she has used the excuse of no hanging space to explain the untidiness of her room on a regular basis. 

Child #3 and I ventured out early (to beat the Christmas Shopping traffic queues) and I purchased 2 kits for hanging rails from B&Q (designed to fit into one of their built in wardrobe ranges). They were only £7 each...bargain! We did stop for tea and toast in the B&Q cafe too which was delicious.

Once home I located a spirit level, drill, jigsaw, screws, etc etc. One thing I didn't mention about Vivod is that it was built on an angle. The front of the house, up to the midway point of the family room, is all crooked. Thankfully I'm ok with maths calculations as there are no right angles (or anything close to this) in the rooms up to this point. It creates a challenge to say the least. The house does then straighten out so the back bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are all quite normal thankfully.  When I suggested the alcove hanging space I did forget about this issue! 

I considered a couple of options involving cutting triangular bits of wood to attach to the wall, or chiselling out a bit of wood to angle the rail fitting into but in the end I kind of cheated! I drilled holes at an angle into the wall and used extra long screws so that I could attach the rail fitting onto the wall so that it was in the correct position to line up with the other side. Thankfully it worked! So this is how it ended up...

Surprisingly, it only took me a couple of hours too...I had pretty much allocated a whole day to be honest! Oh, and they are level too!

Anyway, having finished so quickly I had loads of time left to put to use some printed cotton fabric I found in Aberkhan a few weeks ago that matched the room perfectly. Nothing spectacular just a big cushion cover for now but I have plenty left over. 

Having located the sewing machine accessories during the stash bashing half term recently I decided, today, that I would give sewing machine button hole making a go. I was apprehensive to say the least. My sewing machine is far from top of the range so I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. With the right foot and a read of the manual, it just went off on a sewing frenzy and created the perfect button hole...

3 Perfect Button Holes!!

So this was the final result....

Its a lovely, big, feather filled, cuddly cushion! She loves it. Now I need to think of other  things to use up the rest of the fabric too...possibly a quilt I think.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for resuming the house stuff and Child #1 has also had a busy day as she spent it spring (or pre christmas) cleaning her room - skip run for me tomorrow it seems! 

Time to relax now though

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