Saturday, 24 November 2012

Handmade Advent Calendar

Well it seems that my commitment to the completion of unfinished projects is really paying off. My home is rapidly filling with lots of lovely home made items that make me smile lots.  Today I have another to show you!

Do you remember this?

With Christmas approaching I realised that unless I got going again with it, it would sit there for another twelve months in the same state. Having started it for no real reason other than feeling a bit bored and festive I wondered what I was going to do with it once it was finished as I wasn't really keen on framing it. I wanted it to have more of a purpose. 

It soon became obvious what to do with it as long as I could finish the picture by the end of Advent Calendar. I've wanted to make one for years but was clearly never motivated enough before. The kids rolled their eyes in a kind of 'What's the point?' way. Hmmm. I ignored them.

Armed with stencils, felt, glue and scissors 'Project Advent' began....

This bit took AGES! I under estimated just how fiddly it would be and how much my right hand would hurt after cutting them all out. It was worth it though.

A pile of 24 little felt squares ready for sewing. The great thing about felt is that it doesn't fray so there was no need for hemming etc.

So I was all ready to glue the numbers on to the pockets but it was Sunday tea time and I was also trying to cook dinner and referee child #2 and #3 who were bored and annoying each other. With some hesitation I asked child #3 if he would like to do the numbers. His little eyes lit up instantly! He loved it but it did take every bit of maturity and parenting skills not to rush in shouting 'No!!! The '2' isn't straight!!!' I kept reminding myself I would love the fact that they were slightly crooked when it was finished because he had done them. So in the end I stayed in the kitchen and left him to it so I couldn't interfere.

He did a great job! We even managed to work together to create some holly too, I cut them out and he glued them on.

I finally finished the cross stitch picture yesterday too...

So today it all came together...I am quite pleased with the finished calendar, and I DO love the fact that some of the numbers are wonky too.

I also found out that my IKEA kitchen rails have a secondary use. This one is normally taken up with tea towels, an apron, kitchen towel and lunch boxes but all that is going to have to move aside for December and find another home. Now I just need to buy some things to fill each pocket with. Almost by accident I made the picture at the top a big pocket too, I think I might buy some stocking size gifts, wrap them up, and put them in there for Christmas Eve. Oh...somewhere along the way my cynical daughters admitted it was 'kinda cute and cool' too...I knew they would!

Well I am feeling quite festive now to say the least. I might even make a start on some wrapping later...if I can find the cellotape that is.

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