Friday, 2 November 2012

Etsy Experiments

Another day...another stash issue. The fabric stash this time. I was still in the mood for a sorting out cupboards etc, in addition I was also looking for the little bag that contains the other bits for the sewing machine like the zipper foot and button hole maker etc. I suspected it was buried within the fabric stash somewhere. 

I had also taken the time this week to have a proper look at the Etsy website. I'd only really been on it when search results took me there but never stayed long. Anyway I have other reasons for investigating its potential but we'll not go into those today. However, I did discover that there are lots of people selling hand sewn finished items on it at various price levels. 

Well as two plus two equals eight, I added my fabric stash and Etsy together and began sewing. In short I produced these two items yesterday (made solely from things I already had, I am proud to say)...

The top one was made from a little Indian tunic that Child #2 wore to my friend's wedding about 5 years ago. I loved the colours and design so much that I couldn't throw it out so its been sat in the stash ever since (I really won't mind at all if it doesn't sell). The red one was just one of my Abakhan shopping trips from that long ago that I don't remember when or why I bought the fabric. At least it has a use now anyway.

So I listed the red cushion yesterday on Etsy...$0.20 for 4 months - much cheaper than Ebay anyway. They take 3.5% of the sale price which I think is reasonable too. We shall see what happens. Worst case is that I end up with a few more cushions I guess!

I know I wasn't suppose to start new projects yet but I am discounting the above as they were made to technically 'work'. ;-)

Oh...and I did find the sewing machine accessories too...result! 

Back soon.

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