Sunday, 25 November 2012

Productive Weekends

I seem to exist in a permanent state of busyness (is that a word?). Over the past few days I've done loads. I have...

Bought child #3 a new coat (as he lost the coat I bought him a month ago, after he lost the first coat). While I was shopping I just couldn't resist these...

I love them because they are so colourful. Since living at Vivod I seem to love colour more. I dislike anything plain and I often find myself pulling a look a disapproval to anything I own which is not colourful. I figure that I wasn't always like this because I must of liked the plain things I own when I bought them. The fact that I change over time fascinates me a lot. I wonder what I will be like when I am 45? or 55? I really wish I had a kept a blog at 25 too so I could look back and try to understand the younger me.

Anyway...back to my accomplishments. I did lots of Christmas shopping this weekend AND wrapped it all up.

I finished the Advent Calendar (Handmade Advent Calendar). I did lots of work on another project that I have to keep secret for a little longer but I promise I will show you it in a couple of weeks because it is really exciting. 

I cleaned, shopped, read, and watched lots of Greys Anatomy (one of my favourite programmes ever - its on a par with Desperate Housewives).

I finally took my car to the local Tyre repair and got a replacement for the tyre that keeps slowly deflating. (Quite proud of myself for this one - I am rubbish with anything car related in general - even cleaning it.)

Finally, I have just finished fitting these in Child #2's bedroom...

I did have an assistant and he was a great help, I think he was even slightly impressed with my non conventional, but none the less, genius method I adopted for drilling the holes in the batons in the right place. So now I am just waiting for Child #2 to arrive back from her dad's to evaluate my hard work. I still need to paint the batons white but that can wait for now.

So this evening I am going to take it easy (while doing an online grocery shop that is!).  I might also finish my Christmas present shopping online too!

Oh...and these arrived this week say we are all looking forward to it would be an under statement....we are all SOOOO excited!! As the Mumford and Sons tour has now started we are now hearing and reading things about other concerts and that just adds to the anticipation too! We can't wait!! Its Child #2's first ever music concert and its really great that I will be there with her. Child #1 went to see Coldplay earlier this year - I drove her and her friend there but I wish I could of gone in with her too to experience it with her so this will be great for Child #2 and I. At least it isn't a Justin Bieber concert either!

Enjoy your week, I will try my best to do the same. :)

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