Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Stash

I love half term. I like all holidays, of course, because it means life slows down a bit for a while and we spend time, together and apart, doing the things we like rather than things we have to do. Half terms, however, tend to be more productive because they are only a week long, so we make the most of them.

The first thing I did yesterday was replace the zip in child #3's favourite ever PJs. These were a Christmas gift from his Auntie and he wore them as much as possible since the day he got them until they fell apart. It was nearly summer by then and getting a bit too warm for them so they sat on the shelf waiting to be repaired until yesterday. Replacing the zip was a little more complicated than I had anticipated but I got there in the end...

One happy dinosaur again...I think he got his PJs on at about 6pm yesterday too, without being asked to of course.

After lunch it was time to face a fear. I had put it off for as long as I could but I knew I had to do it. I took Child #3 back to the skate park! I think, despite pestering to go, even he was a little apprehensive about it. I sat watching him intently for the first 15 minutes but he was ok. He fell off once just turning a corner but got straight back on. We stayed for 90 minutes, even by the end of it, every time he went up the ramp he fell off a week ago my heart missed a beat and my stomach flipped. He was fine, obviously, and this time we drove back home without a detour to A&E.

I was in the mood for a bit of a sort out yesterday and consequently, after fixing the zip in the morning, I sorted out the little basket that sits on the shelf with cotton reels, tape measures, pins, buttons etc. This then led to sorting out the sewing box (because I had to put some stuff from the basket into it), and then this led to sorting out the 'work in progress' box because I knew there were things in there that were from finished items rather than in progress ones. While I was at it I decided I may as well round up a few similar things from around the house (like the left over Emily Peacock kit supplies etc etc). Inevitably this resulted in a few bags of wool that needed a home in the stash cupboard. Here I hit a problem. There was no room (whatsoever!) in the stash cupboard.

I figured I could just do one shelf, which would then make enough space for these new items. It didn't wok, there was only one solution...to sort it all out. So this is it...this is 'The Stash'. This may also help you understand why I think I may have hoarding issues...

Child #3 was minding his own business (writing his Christmas list with aid of toy adverts) however he looked over when I took the above pictures.

"What are you doing?"

"Just sorting out my wool."

"Why is it all over the floor?"  (having wandered over and looked at it properly)  "AND WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH??!!!"


"Do you want me to help?"   "Because you can't do THIS on your own, can you?!"

"That would be great"

"...right then" (as he stood there looking confused, scratching his head and frowning)

It was one of those 'who is the child and who is the adult moments'. Child #3 and I often find ourselves in this situation, stood by lots of mess, not knowing where to begin, but its usually in his bedroom facing stacks of toy cars or lego. This one was new.

So I explained the principal - that we were going to bag it all up so that wool of the same type was together. He was a little confused about wool type to begin with - i.e. surely cream wool is just cream wool...why did it go into different bags but he now understands the concept of cheap wool and expensive wool, and he loves the feel of mohair (luckily I managed to convince him a mohair scarf was really not the thing for boys to wear in the end). He was genuinely a big help and I think he did quite enjoy it...

Within an hour or so it was all sorted, and nicely fitted back into the cupboard! So now I am on a strict wool buying ban (unless it is solely to use up existing wool)...let's see how long that lasts...I know my weaknesses!

Right...I'm off to knit then.

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