Sunday, 7 October 2012

Blackpool Lights

From where we live, Blackpool lights is just about do able as an evening trip. We don't go every year but I think we went the year before last. It takes us an hour and a half to get to Blackpool, and then HOURS to get to the start of the lights. We arrived at the light queue just before 8 pm yesterday - at about 10 pm we got to the start of the lights. We knew that this would be the case though and so went prepared with drinks, snacks and good music to keep us entertained in the queue.  Even child #3 was relatively patient considering he was confined to a car for hours on end. 

It was worth it, despite the actual lights taking less time than the queue! I think we did them in about an hour and a half. Its not easy to take pictures but I got a few after persevering with my camera settings. The lights are 100 years old this year so the theme was based around that with a bit of Jubilee and Olympics thrown in here and there.

I think they are the best of the bunch photo wise, there was lots we couldn't photo too, you can only really appreciate them in person but you get the idea. We left Blackpool at 11:15 and got home at nearly 1 am this morning with a very sleepy nest. 

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