Saturday, 20 October 2012

BMX 1 : Child #3 0

Well the day started well. It was sunny and warm for this time of year and consequently I was awake quite early but the wonders of technology mean that I can do my weekly shop under the warmth of my duvet at 7:15am while I wait for the heating to come on at 8 ish.  I was feeling quite organised today and 3 of us were out shopping in Chester by 10am with quite a random list to buy. Cushion inners, a bread knife, and beads amongst other things.

I promised child #3 that we would shop in the morning and BMX in the afternoon so while he ate cheese on toast I managed to finish this (that's why I needed beads)...

So there it is...another finished project. This does mean, of course, that I can now begin another (I finished the Vivod decoupage too remember). The next project will use the rather gorgeous Alpaca wool I bought last week which I have been itching to use ever since then.  I just need to decide exactly what I am doing with it but I think it will be another crochet project.

After lunch, with new wool in tow and a BMX, child #3 and I set off to the usual skate park where I knit/read etc and he throws himself off ramps. Literally today. All was good...I watched him riding around, in between testing crochet patterns and talking to the rest of the nest by text. All was good until child #3 misjudged the ramp, and landed head/face first on the concrete almost under the bike and apparently knocked himself out briefly. Within 20 mins we were both in an ambulance back to Chester...child #3 far less impressed by this ambulance than he normally would be by emergency vehicles. Smiling was clearly not going to feature any time soon either....

No smiling....sympathy please!
We spent a couple of hours in A&E...not bad really I guess. I think we would have waited less had child #3 not concerned the staff by falling asleep so much and refusing to smile or walk unless coaxed into it! So the rest of the day was taken up by child #3 reading and reiterating the 'Head Injury (child) Information' leaflet the doctor gave him to anyone that would listen. His somewhat superficial grazing also seems to have earned him explicit use of the TV over his sisters - which he is milking entirely. He also, of course, has me wrapped around his little finger and attending to his every need...and then some.

Boys will be boys I guess! 

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