Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chickpea Curry

I've been getting into the winter spirit today! I think this was because when we left the house this morning at 7:40am the world looked like this....

Cold, dark and very very foggy. I was very tempted to put my scarf on too but I decided that early October was just too soon. Anyway the weather did improve, thankfully, as the day went on.

I've been trying to keep on top of things at home and therefore, having got home from work early today, I decided to make tomorrow's dinner a day early. This dish is one of those that always tastes even nicer the following day. It is a lovely wintery meal too...and good comfort food without loads of calories (yes, I am actually more committed to the diet this week...well so far anyway).

Having spent a couple of years trying to follow recipe after recipe in an attempt to find a good vegetarian curry, only to be disappointed, I discovered this one without following anything but simply chucking lots of stuff into a big pan that I thought might be nice. It was, and even the nest agreed! (They are't usually that great with the hippy style stuff.)

So this is it...it looks bad I know...but tastes delicious.

So, just in case you fancy giving it a go this is what I throw in it:

1 large white onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
About 8-10 new/baby potatoes with skins
2 pints of veg stock
A decent amount of hot curry powder
An average amount of ground turmeric
An average amount of ground cumin
Quite a bit (because I love it) of ground coriander
a few bay leaves
about 4-6 fresh tomatoes chopped into 8ths
2 tins of chickpeas
3 or 4 handfuls of red lentils
half a big bag of baby spinach
If I have any in the fridge I also add some cauliflower too and fresh chilli.

I fry the garlic and onions, and then add the potatoes for a few minutes before everything else gets added. I then leave it all to simmer for about an hour (ish - there's no real science to it). We eat it on its own, or with some rice or flat breads. It really is my kind of cooking - minimal effort...maximum taste. 

Give it a go...dare you!

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