Friday, 30 December 2016

The Sink Saga

So, all was well, or so I thought.

When I ordered the kitchen, at the end of July, the sink I wanted (and was completely unwilling to compromise on) was out of stock. Ikea told me they had ordered one, and that someone would call to take payment within a couple of weeks. No problem.

3 weeks passed. 

At this point I contacted them (not that easy to do by the way) and they assured me that they were expecting new stock imminently. When?? They could say but within a day or so. We went into the store to check - same story. At this point I was stock checking my local store and every other UK store (yes I was willing to drive to any of them to pick up a sink) but they didn't have any. I widened my search - to encompass France and, to be honest, any European country (grateful that Brexit was still in progress at this point). Out of stock. The nearest store to me that had any of them was San Diego. I did get as far as calculating the cost of shipping one but it would have still taken weeks to arrive. 

The other problem was that without a sink in place, I couldn't get the Granite fitted either because the sink had to sit on the Granite for support. So from the end of August, when we moved back into the real kitchen, we survived with the rhino tub, hose and kettle for a sink, and some left over slate for worktops. This was not the dream I had envisaged, although I was still thankful for a kitchen in the right room.

After many emails, and much stress, the IKEA website was updated and, for the first time, you could order the sink online. It was too good to be true. It would appear, according to my bank statement and recent emails that I had purchased the sink and arranged delivery for 24th September. I wasn't prepared to believe it until it arrived. Which it DID!!

Within a week the Granite company had been in to measure and fitted the Granite, and the Plumber had installed said sink.

I am glad I held out for it, its the best sink ever. I absolutely love it and it makes the 75 days without a sink, yes 75 DAYS(!), all worthwhile. I still, even now, smile occasionally at that fact that I have running water (hot and cold) from a tap in my kitchen, into and out of (to a drain outside), my beautiful sink. It's amazing what living without basic things do to your appreciation of them later.

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