Friday, 30 December 2016

The latest on the Kitchen

Ok, I know its the end of December and the project started at the end of May but its still not finished!

To do list:

  • The Joiner needs to fit kick boards and pelmets. 
  • I need to choose tiles and tile under the cupboards. 
  • I need to paint the rest of the kitchen (its only had a base white).
  • The Joiner needs to fit skirting and architrave.
  • I need to get glass shelves cut for 3 of the cupboards (they had to be slightly cut down to get them inline with the other top cupboards as the walls are thicker in the extension). These should be ready to collect in mid January though.
  • The extractor fan needs coring outside (I don't own the right size bit to do it right now)
  • I need to purchase a little table and chairs for the end of the kitchen so that I can sit a sip tea in the mornings, or wine in the evenings and look out into my beautifully landscaped building site, I mean garden (eventually).
But, aside from all of that I still absolutely love my kitchen.

This is a snippet of what has been produced over the last few weeks, and the reason I have to run miles and miles every week!

Black Forest Gateau

Banana Bread

The best Millionaires Shortbread in the world ever! 

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Gingerbread men and stars

And, most recently, Christmas Dinner!!!

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