Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 was a good year

I know there were lots of things I didn't tell you about along the way so here's a little round up of 2016. I'll hopefully have a little more time for blogging in 2017, no big projects planned, although neither were there this time last year!

Which reminds me, I never did elaborate on why I did the kitchen this year. Well in February someone broke into the sun room and raided our washing, they didn't take anything as far as we could tell though. Given that the Sunroom wasn't actually locked properly in 5 years I don't know why this made us suddenly feel more insecure, and I also doubt that it was the first time this happened. None the less middle child wasn't happy about it and I wasn't happy that she wasn't, so it all began. I'm now, obviously, very grateful to the person that did this, that person that gave me the kick up the rear to get it sorted as I have the best house in the terrace, with the best kitchen ever, and the most secure French Doors too!

So what else?

Child #1 is no longer a child, she turned 18 at the beginning of the year, I would stay in style but by the end of the night she had very little style left...

This is a more recent photo of her, just look at the obvious difference and I'm very proud of her. In total she has lost an incredible 4 stone in just over a year, alongside studying hard and partying just as hard. She continues to amaze me all the time.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Child #3 started high school! He's such a cutie.

Child #2 left school,finally, it was a long slog for me too, and she went to Prom!! None of us thought she would make it and the school threatened so many times to take the privilege away but she got through. So proud, she's had it tough. 

With her 'big' sister.

Child #2 also went to the Leeds Festival on her own (well with some friends) and came home in one piece, on the bus, looking like this...with Tonsillitis!

I did a few crafty type things as always...

I ran 646 miles, including 2 half marathons and a couple of 10Ks.

I rode in a helicopter, no joke, and very scary...

And the cat did a lot more of this...

Happy new year all, I hope 2016 was good for you too but if not then I hope 2017 will be better.


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