Monday, 6 January 2014

End of the Christmas Holidays

Thought I would round up a few events of the holidays before we go back to work and school tomorrow (yes we - that's just Child #3 and I - are sneaking one more day out of this due to a teacher training day at his school). It's been really nice to get away from work for a couple of weeks. The last few months have been crazy busy but, I hate to admit it, I actually miss it now! 

Christmas was great...I don't just mean the day...I mean the time around it too. Just chilled. I ate and drank too much obviously but that's a given. We did stuff like this...

The annual 'Christmas Jigsaw' was a 'Where's Wally?' one this year.
Child #2 and I do one every year. Well we start it together and then I finish it once she has her presents to distract her!
This year, Child #3 also helped a little.
I finished this (Child #3 is modelling in his own's actually my jumper and is a cowl neck when worn correctly!!)

I worked on this...

and made these....

(Boot Toppers)
and finished this (I hate taking pictures of my self...I makes me laugh too much!)...

I took a few random photo's over the Christmas of which is this:

I popped into a local shopping park on the 23rd December and almost tripped over this. I always wanted a patchwork chesterfield sofa for the front room of Vivod. It might not be everyone's taste, and this photo, taken on my phone, in the middle of a shop, doesn't really do it justice either. And it wasn't cheap. And it was the 23rd of December. I left it there.

Until the 28th of December....

And then appeared in my front room. The photo doesn't really pick up the colours properly either but I love this sofa, and I had to have it. When you see it in real life it goes perfectly in the room too. So, obviously, the next Vivod project will be this room, now that I have a direction for it!

January 2014 has mostly begun like this...

The lastest Emily Peacock kit.
This one is the 'Kiss' kit that compliments the 'Hug' kit from last year.
Another Christmas gift....I was spoilt :-)

The first books I am reading for the Eclectic Reading Challenge.
(See last post.)
So that's about it. Now normality and routine have returned, which I like. The holidays are great but I do like routine, however much I hate to admit that too. I like that I have a 'bedtime' and so do the nest. I like that I have a day with structure. I like that I have goals to achieve each day that really do have a need and consequence. I like that I am back to eating good stuff and not just high calorie rubbish and too much wine. (I love that my weight is now going back down and not up!). I like that the nest are now busy again too.

I have a few goals to try and stick to this year (I know that I say this every year, and these may well be the same as last year, but, in my view, it's better to set these, try them and fail than to never bother at all!). Firstly, to not waste so much drives me mad. Second, to eat well (a re-occurring January theme). Thirdly, to get things under control at work - it is getting there now but I still need to make a substantial effort towards this. Lastly, to make a bit more progress with Vivod. That will more that do!

Bye for now.

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