Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blue Planet Aquarium

At the end of December Child #1 suggested that we should go on more family days out in 2014. She is right...2013 was pathetic. This was partly due to work commitments but, more honestly, due to laziness! Of course, I agreed and then gave each of them the task of suggesting three places that they would like to go in 2014. If we did one per month that would leave 3 spare for me to choose too.

Child #1 requested:

  • A London show (this is part of her 16th Birthday gift)
  • The Welsh Mountain Zoo (but she may change this)
  • Pottery painting
Child #2:
  • The Blue Planet Aquarium
  • Chill Factor (Indoor ski/sledging etc)
  • ...nothing else yet
Child #3
  • A Castle (Conwy probably)
  • Swimming (This will be the Alton Towers Water Park)
  • Ice Cream making

So far I plan on taking them to Cadbury's world (but not just yet while I am trying to lose my Christmas calories!)

So, I asked them to give me their ideas asap so that I could get an idea of when to plan them in. There are quite a few more summery activities and also some more expensive things which the January budget doesn't stretch too. I decided, as the Blue Planet was local, it was Child #2's birthday today, and it was an indoor winter suitable choice that we would start with the Blue Planet. 

So this was it. I still think it is a bit over priced for what it is but none the less we had fun...

How exciting!

Child #3 the Tour Guide

How they normally are...

When they think they are about to be fed but really it's just Child #2 playing tricks.

Spot him?

The Otters!


The under tank tunnel. the under tank tunnel.

The photographer.

The tunnel for the 2nd time.

The birthday girl!

It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon anyway. Child #1 is right...we should do it more often than we do.

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