Thursday, 2 January 2014

Eclectic Reader Challenge 2014

Good evening, 2 posts in 2 is good for me!

This is a different post from normal...this is just about reading. I often have a moan to myself about reading the same types of books over and over. I used to read a lot of chick lit when I was younger (listen to me 'when I was younger'...I'm only 35!...I'm feeling old today as it's Child #1's 16th Birthday!!) anyway I kind of grew out of those a few years ago and since then have moved onto thriller/crime novels a lot. This wasn't meant to happen...I was suppose to read a more varied range. I did have a stab at diversifying last year and chucked a couple of classics into the mix but I would still say that I read the same types of books again now - just a slightly different genre. 

As with most things in my life that annoy me...I dig out Google as a starting point for fixing it. I tapped in '2014 Reading Challenge' and this pops up a little down the list of results...

I had a quick read and it seemed ideal. It will force me to read outside my usual genre(s) but give me a choice over what I read. And I love a challenge.

So I will, as the competition states (although I'm not in this for the prize...just the reading) be posting reviews of each book I read, that counts towards it, on this blog. I will not be specifying the books I read in advance as I prefer to select them as I want to read them. I am still struggling to figure out was 'Cosy Mystery Fiction' is...hoping it might be what I've been reading for the past few years. It should also be noted that I've not written a book review since 1992 (at school!) so I am slightly nervous about it too.

Conveniently I started reading 'Girl Gone' by Gillian Flynn yesterday which I think counts towards the 'Award Winning' option - but I need to be sure. Again it may fit that mystery category. Note, that's another typical thriller aimed at women that I seem to be stuck's a pretty good book though so far so I will not berate myself too much!

This will pop up on all relevant posts...

See you soon.

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