Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's all go!

When I look at my blog, and take note of the number of posts I've done by month it's so easy to see when I've been busy because one of the things that doesn't get done is the blogging!

Work is crazy crazy crazy busy. Let's not talk about that though.

The attic is well under way, and looking very very bare...

What I thought would take half a day last weekend to strip it all, actually took just over 8 hours! I am still living in the attic room in amongst all of this too for now, although that will come to an end, this weekend, when I vacate it ready for plastering next week.

To keep my sanity I have been a bit creative too...

My son loves these, partly because he can hide all the mess behind them, I think, but he chose the fabric a while ago on an outing to Aberkhan, so he's pretty chuffed that I found a use for it.

I also finished the Emily Peacock hug kit too...

I was offered the matching 'Kiss' kit for my birthday but, obviously during one of my sensible and mature moments, I declined this and asked for it for Christmas instead or I will never get the attic finished, work under control or Felicity Stitches moving again!

I am having a bit of a blanket phase too...

Child #2's blanket (on the go for nearly 2 years now)

A new ripple blanket made entirely of stash wool that's been around for years in my house.

A new granny stripe blanket. Just because.

I've not been cooking much lately as I'm on a bit of healthy diet at present and doing well for once at sticking to it. Long may it continue.

So that's the highlights, I could bore you with lots more but that will do for now.

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