Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ok...where did May go??

I'm such a rubbish blogger lately! To be honest, apart from my antics last weekend I have done nothing but work and paint the attic so it wouldn't really make for very exciting reading.

Anyway, the funding deadline at work is out of the way, and next week is half term so no (or very little anyway) work for me. I'm seriously in need of some playtime I think. 

Last weekend was good though. Recently Child #2 has been rather challenging to parent resulting in meetings at the school regarding behaviour and commitment. During such a meeting it was suggested that Child #2 should be offered a reward as an incentive to stick to her promise of good behaviour and attendance. That's all well and good for her (should she stick to the plan) but I realised that Child #1 attends every lesson without any issues, never causes me any problems with the school, and has spent the last couple of weeks with her head in GCSE revision and coursework. It seemed only fair that she should be rewarded now, for doing what child #2 needs to work towards. One purchased River Island outfit later and all was good and fair again.

In the evening I finally managed to catch up with a good friend over a bite to eat at the Glasfryn in Mold (totally delicious food!). I think we last managed this back in September and I commented then about how it never seems to happen often enough - once again we have vowed to do it again a bit sooner...we will see! 

Sunday was nice too. We went to a 'Family Fun Day' for charity...

Child #1 in 'reward outfit' of course - not particularly good Tractor Wear though!

The weekend was finished off with another meal at another pub! By Monday I was back on the fish and salad, and avoiding the scales! :-)

So this weekend I have the following planned...

  • Crochet
  • Knititng (maybe)
  • Reading
  • Sewing (maybe)
  • Wool/fabric etc shopping at the Wool Heaven (aka Aberkhan)
  • Hanging Basket Shopping
  • More Crochet

Well I better get cracking...but for once the list excludes 'Work'!

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