Sunday, 21 April 2013

The River Dee on a Sunny Day

We are all loving the weather at Vivod. Yesterday Child #3 and I went into Chester to do some shopping (he was after a new pencil case - the sort that come with all the pens and pencils inside it, in neat little holders), after finding one of those, some treats for me and some clothes for us both we went down to the river. I think I've taken you to Chester before, but I've never shown you the river which I love. I took some pictures, and so did my boy, but in general, I can't tell who took which...

We ate ice cream and then walked back into Chester. On the way back he commented 'We've walked a long way today!", I agreed we probably had but nowhere near as far as a friend of mine who did 28 miles of walking yesterday for charity!! I'm so impressed! We probably only did about 4 which, in comparison, is pathetic!

I have some other things to blog about from last weekend which I will try and catch up with soon.

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