Friday, 27 July 2012


I know I have them. They are in a little white tub. Loads of them. Where though? Much of yesterday was spent looking for staples, or moaning about the fact that I can't find the staples. Or moaning that the house is disorganised, and I am now wasting valuable time trying to locate the staples! I have vowed to re-organise as a consequence. 

So why do I need these staples then? Well I have four dining room chairs to re-upholster (one of which is half done - until I ran out of damn staples in the gun!). I am also itching to begin my next project which is the revamping of an old mirror that was left in my house when I bought it. All will be revealed once I have found those staples! Child #1 suggested...'Why not just buy more?' She clearly has no concept of my attempts at focusing on causes of problems rather than symptoms! In reality, though, I may well give in today and just buy them.

I did visit my favourite local crafty/fabricy/wooly shop yesterday to purchase foam, patchwork suitable fabric and more wool for the ripple blanket. I had child #2 in tow, who doesn't often come shopping with me. She was therefore a little surprised to see how well known I was in the wool shop and shocked that the woman who served me knew exactly what I was buying the wool for. Child #2 turned to me, open mouthed, and said 'Mum!...just how often do you come here???!'. I chose to avoid the question! Well at least I have enough wool now to continue with my gorgeous ripples...

Now...where ARE those staples!!

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