Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bread Pudding

Well, following my vow of re-organisation, when the shopping arrived yesterday morning I made a start by clearing out the food cupboards and fridge freezer as I unpacked. Inevitably this led to lots of sighing about wasted food etc etc. Feeling a little creative (and hungry) I looked at the stack of stale bread rolls and crusts. Moments later, with a little help from google I was well on the road to creating some traditional bread pudding. I've never made it before and was a bit concerned as I didn't have brown sugar only deme whatsit stuff. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how scrummy they were, and needless to say, no sooner had I put this plate in the living room...they if by magic!

Did a bit of shopping yesterday too, firstly for a BMX for Child #3, who will be seven very soon. It was all rather expensive but he is worth it. I then of course had a bit of bribery power to force him into TK Max shopping.  I love that shop, mostly because of the homeware section that never fails to bring me something unique, and yesterday was no exception. Firstly we found these (Child #1 and I are BIG Marmite lovers) so I got a little jug and she got a cereal bowl...

And I also found these gorgeous colourful lovely drawers:

Of course my 'Oh so sensible' Child #1 commented 'What are you going to put in them though? They are so small..?' Sometimes I wonder who is the adult and who is the child in our house! Why can she not understand that I bought them simply because I like them...who cares what I will use them for!  

(So what am I going to put in them then?)

Ok...confession time. The final shop stop was B&Q...for staples! I give in. Of course now I will find the original ones somewhere!

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