Thursday, 27 February 2014

Slummy Mummy - Fiona Neill

This is the third book I've read for the reading challenge. This one is the Romantic Comedy and is another that has been sat on the shelf for years (not quite as long as googlewhack though!) I think this one's been ignored because I used to read books like this all the time and then I made a conscious effort to not read 'Chick Lit', this one was obviously purchased around that time. Well there is no danger of me slipping back to old ways here. This took me 3 weeks to read (I usually read books in a week at most). It wasn't that I didn't enjoy it when I was reading it but I couldn't ever describe it as 'un-put-down-able'.

Its about the usual...women, friendship, love, affairs, marriage, attraction, kids, and sex. It was quite amusing in places. It seems to get compared to Bridget Jones quite a bit and I can see why. It did make me laugh out loud on occasion too. It was predictable, easy to read, and a nice story. Everything you would expect from a romantic comedy. If they made a film I might watch it whilst multi-tasking.

The best thing about this book was finishing it on the day that Amazon delivered 'Harvest' by Tess Gerritsen, the Medical Thriller selection for the challenge, which I cannot stop reading. Expect a review of that one quite soon!

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  1. I read this quite some time ago and didn't think it was very much either, glad to hear you are enjoying Harvest though!