Monday, 24 February 2014

February so far...

Hello! January and February have been busy months at work but I'm so pleased that its now half term and I have the whole week off to do what I like. In between work we have had some playtime at Vivod too though. 

At the end of January I went on a spending spree at Ikea - thankfully it takes over 30 minutes to get there otherwise I think I'd be broke. I went specifically to buy this desk lamp for my office...its just lovely and everyone that sees it loves it too...

Well, the lamp was one of many purchases that are a few more...

I still love these weeks later

Every new sofa deserves a new lamp right?
There were many more purchases but I won't bore you too much.

I've done lots of the Emily Peacock kit (in fact I'm now over half way with this one...its a bit addictive)...

This is a bit of an exciting addition this month...

Can't remember if this is as old as me or maybe older but its ACE!

And now I get to rummage in random shops and record fairs for more like this.

February's day out was chosen by Child #1...Pottery painting!

Child #1 did the little things, and Child #2 did the mug for her dad's 40th birthday present.
I did this one (such as child at heart)

Child #3's

More recently Child #1 and 3 have been busy making birthday cakes for their dad. (I helped with the baking and icing making but I had nothing to do with the decoration.)

I've also spent quite a bit of time in the front room of Vivod. That sofa has a LOT to answer for. I shall show you in the next post!

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