Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Manley Mere

Finally got around to writing a post. It's been on the list since the weekend. I have a couple of posts to write but today I am starting with Manley Mere. This is where we went on Saturday. I'd never heard of the place until a friend invited us to a joint birthday party there last weekend. Manley mere is a mixture of things, all of which you can read about on their website. The birthday party was starting at 7pm but all guests were invited to arrive before 4pm if they wanted, and experience the adventure trail. I googled this and it looked a little like the 'Crocky Trail' (I will take you there another day) but the pictures suggested is wasn't quite as good. Never to miss a free opportunity we thought that, as it was free, we may as well.

Now both Manley Mere and the Crocky Trail are essentially woodland based walks, along which contain obstacles made from disused agricultural apparatus. They both come with warnings that you are to use them with caution and 'at your own risk'. Yeah yeah. Well...Manley Mere is certainly not a lesser version of the Crocky Trail. It turned out to be something way more fun. Unfortunately, owing to the fact that we had to attend a 'do' almost straight after the trail, we had to limit how far we took things on the trail. We have, however, planned to return in the summer holidays when we can do it all 'properly'. These are the pictures...

We sooooo can't wait to go back!!

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