Thursday, 7 February 2013


Ok, I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately. Its partly because, in all honesty, I really haven't done that much to write about! Its also because I have been busy with work, day to day life, and plodding on with existing projects.

One of the reasons I haven't been up to much is severe lack of funds - it a common January problem for me. Christmas is one cause, followed straight away by both child #1 and child #2's birthday but this year I have also paid for work that was done on the house too which has contributed to the problem quite a bit. Anyway, having been really good with the pennies, things are now back on track in time for half term next week.

I've not been as good with the finishing projects issue though, but I know the overall number has still reduced...I think. Well let's see actually. From the last post (Unfinished Business) I still haven't completed numbers 2,4,5,6,10,11,12,14,18,19,20,21 (I did actually throw number 7 in the bin!), the rest are all complete. So that's 12 projects.

In addition I have these new ones:

1. The Ripple Cushion

2. The Hug Cushion

3. The Granny Square Blanket

4. A new Felicity Stitches kit

(No pictures of this one yet - its all top secret until it's finished!)

So that's 16 in total - not bad - it's less than 21 anyway! I will try and stay on track again now. 

I am looking forward to half term. I have some work I need to do but I will get some time off too and hopefully it won't snow any more either - I hate winter so much now. I might actually do a little bit of work on the house too - maybe. It would be nice if the sun comes out and then I can assess the actual state of my garden and maybe start growing some more things.

I have a costume for my eldest to do some work on. She's a fab little actress and is in the school production in couple of weeks. She was handed a costume by her drama teacher along with the words 'can you sew?' - she replied 'No, but my mum can!'. I am quite excited about it though - there will be pictures. It will be creative too!

Anyway, I will come back soon with something more exciting.

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