Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Accident - C.L. Taylor

Time for another book review, although this one is overdue as I finished it about 3 or 4 books ago but I will do my best! 

The Accident was brilliant, and I think I read it in just over 24 hours. I discovered the book because I follow the Book'd Out blog and Shellyrae posted a review some time ago, I ordered it there and then and read it as soon as it was delivered. As it was published in 2014 I realised it could count towards the reader challenge too. 

Back to the book...it's a psychological thriller based on a mother finding the diary of her daughter currently in a coma after walking out in front of a bus. Consequently she uses the diary entries to track down the events that led to the accident. It has a pretty gripping plot. It was slightly predictable once you got about half way through but that didn't make it any less enjoyable and there were still a couple of unexpected turns within the rest of the book. I'd recommend it to friends without a doubt. (In fact I already have...)


  1. The Accident sounds like one that I would enjoy. Great review.