Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hello....long time no see

Its been ages! So much to tell you.

My last post was apparently the 18th March...I've done loads since then. 

I have:

Finished stitching the Kiss kit by Emily Peacock (better photos will follow when I make it into a cushion)

Plodded on with the front room, there is actually progress there but you can't see it...honest.

Not sure I ever showed you the fireplace that's going to go back in there though...

Its all original, and would have been what was in the house when it was build. The only reproduction parts are the tiles.

Started a new ripple blanket (have given up with trying to keep open projects to a minimum...its just not me)

Started Tae Kwon Do (Yes really...I love it almost as much as knitting). I will tell you more another day.

The most recent project is the garden. Its annoyed me for 3 years, and little progress has taken place but the annoyance level must have tipped the point of no return and yesterday was a back break day (almost literally) for which I am now suffering and I'm also sunburnt!

Remember this...

Well it looked worse than that more recently, but last week I tidied up that border and put some plants in...

Then yesterday we dug...and shovelled...

This is about half of what was removed. The rest is in skip bags.

So on Tuesday a tonne of hardcore arrives, and then I need to make the final decision on what is going on top...paving or pebbles. Time will tell.

Oh and the other day I made one of these. They may move to the garden at some point but for now it can hang here and grow some mint. Great for using up random bits of yarn...I may knock up a few more.

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