Sunday, 24 November 2013

The 'Afternoon Tea' Knitted Blanket

Wow....I cannot believe I am actually going to say this...IT'S FINISHED!!

The blanket I began in the summer of 2011 is finally complete. Look!!!....

2 years and about 3 months later! It's not that big really either (it's laid out on a double bed in the photo above) was all knitted on 3mm needles. Any knitters out there I am assuming will now be impressed. (For non knitters that a bit like cutting an acre of grass with nail scissors.) If that's not enough to justify the delay then can I also highlight that the squares (all 81 of them) called for various skills like beading, intarsia, cable etc. Well anyway, I worked out that I knitted something in the region of 165,000 (!!!) stitches. Enough said.

Here's some more pictures...

So that's it, and it has been finished in time to make a lovely gift for Child #2 for Christmas, I think that was only reason I have been motivated to finish it in 2013 to be honest. 

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