Saturday, 8 June 2013

Attic Renovation Part III

Well it's been a little while since I gave you an attic renovation update so I figured it was time. 

Since my last attic post I have vacated the attic, and my 'bedroom' is currently the front room downstairs. This is far from privacy, noise, too hot and can't open a window, barely any space etc etc. It's all for a good cause though and lots of progress has been made upstairs.

First of all the plasterers arrived. When I first met the Plasterer and asked "What are you like at curves?" he responded ... "Well I can do 'em".  Hmm. I wasn't convinced but he was recommended and I decided that the worst case would be that the work was a disaster and an agreement reached on the payment following this. I left them to it.

Turns out the man does curves. Really well...

Ok, so it's not painted yet. I thought that when I painted it I would maybe see that it wasn't quite so perfect. I was wrong.

Still perfect (not that the camera really liked capturing purely white walls!)

I've not finished painting yet although I am impressed with this first coat considering this was B&Q's value paint at £6 for 2.5 litres. I did hover to the slightly more expensive stuff at double the price but I decided that as I was only using it as base coat that I'd stick with the cheap stuff. Good decision.

We now have heat in the attic thanks to Flintshire Plumbing and Heating. (Not that I have it switched on in this current heatwave but it will be a luxury this winter.)

So, its the floor next and hence on Wednesday all of this arrived...

22sq yards of reclaimed pine, pre sanded. I love Vivod but it is a standard 1900 terraced layout. Consequently there is no way that 9ft floor boards can make it from front door to attic via the inside of the house. Child #1's bedroom window was really the only option. I think the process amused passers by and a couple of the neighbours. 5ft 2" woman Vs 9ft plank I guess is sightly comical to watch. Anyway 2 hours later the above wood has been relocated to the attic or here...
(The Landing)

So now I am getting a little excited at the prospect that once the floor is fitted and I've varnished it I can actually move back upstairs again, I can't wait! The downside is that I have to do the second coat of paint in the attic as soon as possible, and this weekend I should be relaxing and celebrating my 35th birthday instead. I'm sure I can find the time to do both though if I try.


  1. I was reading your attic renovation from part 1 to 3. On the first day, you have managed to clean the room and have your stuff organized. That was quite a progress already. Glad to see that things are all coming together very well. It's a good decision to renovate the attic so it could be a livable space instead of making it the house's storage room, which is what most people do. When the room is all finished, it's time to buy furniture. Consider the size of the items that you will buy. Choose the ones that will fill the spaces, but of course, leave some room for you to walk around conveniently. Good luck!

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  2. Certainly. The ceiling curves are impressive! I can only imagine what a charming attic space it turned out to be. Attics get really appealing with wooden floors, beadboards, and even wooden ceilings. But this one’s another option. Lynn@DAL Builders