Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

My daughters combined their funds and Child #1 offered to go to Chester, after school on the bus, earlier this week to purchase gifts for me. I love it when they prove how independent they are, it makes me feel like I have managed to raise kids that will be able to fend for themselves in the big wide world someday rather than just depending on me or other family members/close friends for help all of the time.

So Child #1 has been saying how much she was looking forward to today ever since. She did text me on the day she went shopping to ask what I would like and I said some 'funky pens' so that I can use them every day and think of my them when I do.

She exceeded expectation completely....

I received pens - funky ones as requested - I love them. In addition she bought the owl pencil case to put them in, some little stickers to put on my chromebook (she and I both have the same model now and it can get confusing) and those fab socks! Child #3 made both the cards on left - one at school and one at home last week sometime.

My kids are great...FACT!

Yesterday I had a bit of cooking day. I bought a new cake book a couple of weeks ago so yesterday I made this...

This is a chocolate and orange marble cake. It delicious...most of it has now been eaten! 

I also made this...

Delux chocolate and prune refrigerator cake
This is from the Sarah Brown book which I must admit I need to put a bit more effort into really. Its not because I don't want to cook but more the lack of ingredients because I'm never organised enough to remember to buy them in advance.

Child #3 made some shortbread biscuits too. Not many, so hence they were all gone before I could photograph them but he is quite the little cook when I have the patience to help him.

Yesterday evening Child #3 was suffering from a really really bad cough which was made worse by him leaping around and hanging upside down on the sofa etc as he usually does. In an effort to keep him settled I suggested a jigsaw...

He does love a photo opportunity! This isn't just any jigsaw though. This is a jigsaw that I had as a child, I'm not sure what happened to the actual one I had but I found this one on Ebay a few years ago and couldn't resist it. Its a photo of a minature shop so lots of things are made out of everyday items. Like the 'soap' in the jar is actually pain relief tablets etc. Its good fun to do with the nest as you spot things like that as you do it. 

I cannot believe that it was snowing this morning either! Snow!! In mid March!! I so want spring to arrive. I thought it almost had last weekend when I snapped this picture of my living room window...

The sun was blazing through the window onto the rug (much to the delight of Oscar the cat...where there is sunshine, there is the cat). I went for a walk on Tuesday lunchtime and it gorgeous and sunny and warm. snowed. :-(

Well I shall get back to enjoying a very unspring-like mothers day and leave you to enjoy the rest of yours. Bye for now.

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